Yes, I’ve shared a lot of mascara application techniques over the last six (!!) years here on TBD. But this one is probably my favorite! And I can’t stop doing it. On. Everyone! It allows you to really get at the base of the lashline and stamp the roots AND it is the quickest way to flare out the lashes, including the inner and outer ones. And don’t worry; you can bend it right back to return it to the tube. If you don’t want to try it with a mascara that you splurged on, try it on a drug store beauty first until you’re hooked! Here’s how:
  • I used this Skinny Mascara ($$) because it’s a British cult favorite of mine.
  • I also love doing this technique with this multi-sided mascara wand ($$) (look for the numbers 1 & 2 written on each side of the handle so you know the order to use each side).
  • This budget-friendly favorite ($) is MADE for this technique!

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